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Day 59: Denver, Colorado

It appears that a very fast-spreading epidemic has hit Denver. Early Saturday, we saw signs of a few infected individuals. By 2 p.m., masses were exhibiting symptoms. And by nightfall, thousands were staggering along the 16th Street Mall downtown. I can’t believe how rapidly it spread; most people were wholly unprepared, although we did see a number of people with personal protective equipment.

Are you prepared for zombies?

Here’s a photo I snapped of some of the victims. Their depleted mental state made it relatively easy to document their condition.

We did see a lot of corporate workers who were exhibiting symptoms, and it hit home that a wide variety of services could be affected if workers aren’t able to report to work: transportation, communications, grocery stores, food and retail … fortunately, a lot of local businesses have continuity of operations plans as part of their participation in our Ready Rating program, but I wonder how many businesses have thorough disaster plans? I imagine the businesses who already put plans in place for influenza outbreaks, etc., are better prepared for this one – whatever it is. Shudder.Are you prepared for zombies?