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Survivors Journal

Day 57: Boston, Massachusetts

So I saw something on the news last weekend about zombies in Chile. Zombies. As in the undead. I can’t believe I’m even saying this.

Things aren’t any less weird here in Boston. My co-volunteer, the “Code Green” guy – I heard he tried to bite a nurse. I haven’t seen him since the doctors took him away, but one of the other volunteers here heard it through the grapevine. I’ve never been one to feed into the rumor mill – but with everything that’s been going on lately,  it’s easy to believe.

Anyways, word on the street is he was shipped off to Denver. I hear the streets are crawling with zombies over there.

Day 59: Denver, Colorado

It appears that a very fast-spreading epidemic has hit Denver. Early Saturday, we saw signs of a few infected individuals. By 2 p.m., masses were exhibiting symptoms. And by nightfall, thousands were staggering along the 16th Street Mall downtown. I can’t believe how rapidly it spread; most people were wholly unprepared, although we did see a number of people with personal protective equipment.

Are you prepared for zombies?

Here’s a photo I snapped of some of the victims. Their depleted mental state made it relatively easy to document their condition.

We did see a lot of corporate workers who were exhibiting symptoms, and it hit home that a wide variety of services could be affected if workers aren’t able to report to work: transportation, communications, grocery stores, food and retail … fortunately, a lot of local businesses have continuity of operations plans as part of their participation in our Ready Rating program, but I wonder how many businesses have thorough disaster plans? I imagine the businesses who already put plans in place for influenza outbreaks, etc., are better prepared for this one – whatever it is. Shudder.Are you prepared for zombies?

Day 64: Boston, Massachusetts

The earthquake last night is really bugging me. We had one last summer. What would happen if a real big earthquake hit?

I figure the Red Cross shows up for earthquakes so I looked online. They say you’re not even supposed to stand in doorways when there’s an earthquake.

I also saw that a lot of people are talking about the Mayan apocalypse, and the theory that the magnetic poles will switch and cause earthquakes. There’s a guy Read More…

Day 65: Boston, Massachusetts

That was amazing. The whole building shook. I thought it was a truck outside that was coming apart or something, but I’m told it was an earthquake centered in Maine.

Maine! I’ve heard about earthquakes in California. Something is wrong when there are earthquakes in New England.

Day 70: Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Journal,

Things have gotten even weirder while I was volunteering at the hospital two days ago. I showed up to do my usual work and found that all the personal items that had belonged to the “Code Green” coworker have disappeared. On top of that, I was strictly forbidden to go to certain wings of the hospital at the risk of losing my status as a volunteer. Upon asking about what happened to my coworker and what was happening on the restricted floor, I was met with weird responses and short, almost artificial, answers. I feel like something is missing and everyone is playing along. Read More…

Day 72: Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Journal,
I purchased you today because I have a gut feeling something is brewing. I don’t want to jump straight into rash conclusions so I’ll describe my day to you, just to make sure I’m not crazy. Read More…