The Mayan Calendar end of ages is upon us. According to predictions based on the ancient Mayan and Hopi calendars as well as Native American cultures, 12-21-2012 may mark the beginning of an apocalypse. Will you be prepared? What supplies are you gathering? How will you help others? The American Red Cross has a mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. Can you do something that will align with our mission?

The American Red Cross is sponsoring the Zombie Apocalypse Go Bag Video Contest. Contestants should submit a video (five minutes or less) that answers the following: What’s in your go bag for the zombie apocalypse? Winners will enjoy prizes as well as fame by having their videos highlighted on our website.

How to Enter:

  1. Make your video
    The zombie apocalypse will change everything on December 21. Are you prepared? Create a video that demonstrates what you will include in your “go bag.” Go bags should be survival kits that include three days’ worth of supplies. Personalize your go bag and include items you’ll need for your kids, pets, family members, or friends. Go bags should include items you would actually take with you in case of an emergency, but get creative! What if there are tornadoes, snow storms, hail, flash floods, monsoons, food shortages, lighting strikes, and — don’t forget — zombie invasions!
  2. Review your video for compliance. Check out rules for the contest.
  3. Post your video to YouTube
    In the face of a zombie apocalypse, we don’t have time to search multiple media platforms, so upload your video to YouTube. If you don’t already have a YouTube account, creating one is easy. Be sure to include the tag #GoRedCross with your YouTube submission.
  4. Fill Out Form and Submit
    Click the button below to fill out a short form, making sure to paste your video URL in the specified field.
  5. Promote your submission and ask others to join the fun by using the #GoRedCross hashtag on Twitter and tagging the American Red Cross on Facebook.
  6. Vote for the best video
    Our panel of judges (listed below) will select finalists. Vote for your favorite among the finalists. The video with the most votes among the finalists will win.

Contest Deadlines:

  • The last day to submit your video is December 10.
  • The last day to vote is December 19.
  • Three winners will be announced on December 20.

Contest Prizes:

1st Prize:
The first place winner will receive this Red Cross Wind Up Emergency Radio. The winner will likely survive a little longer with this handy device. It includes AM/FM NOAA weather radio, TV/HF, a cell phone charger, a white LED light, and a red flashing LED light.
2nd Prize:
An American Red Cross T-shirt will not only protect you from the elements, but it’ll keep you looking cool even in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
3rd Prize:
Wherever you are, the Red Cross water bottle will keep you hydrated.

Contest Rules:

Rules for videos are as follows:

  1. Keep videos short — no longer than two minutes. Videos longer than five minutes will be disqualified.
  2. Keep it clean! Items or content deemed inappropriate will disqualify your video from this contest.
  3. Keep it peaceful! Keep in mind that we’re humanitarians — this isn’t about annihilating the threat from zombies, but learning to live peaceably together. Weapons will disqualify you.
  4. Submissions should portray apocalypse preparedness against floods, tornados, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. and include personalized emergency kit items.
  5. All videos should be horizontal, not vertical.
  6. Promote your submission and ask others to join the fun by using the #GoRedCross hashtag on Twitter and tagging the American Red Cross on Facebook.
  7. Entries with correct Red Cross-ready information will be weighted favorably. Better videos will also include information on getting a kit, making a plan and being informed. Find out more about what that means at RedCross.Org. And while this is not a true emergency, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  8. Video must be submitted by November 16, 2012.
  9. Have fun with it!


Matt Mogk (“Moke”) is the Head of Zombie Research Society and author of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies, the most comprehensive zombie book ever published. His recent TV appearances include AMC’s Talking Dead, History Channel’s Apocalypse 2012, and Spike’s Deadliest Warrior.
Fred Reinecke is a former investigative reporter and editor who moderates the Facebook discussion board “Signs the Zombie Apocalypse Has Already Begun.” The page is dedicated to sharing news about trends that may lead to our demise in a global all-you-can-eat buffet.
Jesse Nunes is the Senior News Producer for BostonGlobe.com, the Globe’s award winning, subscriber-based website. He previously worked as the Senior Business Producer for Boston.com. In his free time, he likes watching – and writing about – horror, zombie, and sci-fi movies, Boston Celtics basketball, and a variety of things in between. Follow him on Twitter @JesseJNunes.
Scott Trano is a judge because he has led and survived the Boston Zombie March, now in its 9th year. He’s seen them up close, felt their breath on his face, and lived to tell the tale. He has survived and will teach you to survive — if you have what it takes to be like him.
Jeffrey W. Mantz is an assistant professor of anthropology at George Mason University. He has active research projects in the Caribbean and the eastern Congo, with interests in political economy, religion, spiritual and supernatural beliefs, knowledge economies, and globalization. In addition to courses on political economy, myth and magic, he also teaches a popular course called Zombies, which is a cross-cultural exploration in the folkloric beliefs and social anxieties that have reanimated so many undead. His work has been featured on NPR as well as in several documentaries.